What’s Coming Soon!


Broken Kei

Book 4 of the Broken Ones Series

Available on AMAZON

Coming … August 2nd 2018


25 thoughts on “What’s Coming Soon!

    • Hi Katya! I hope to one day! I’m just not sure when as I’ve a number of other projects on the go. I really loved this world and story so do hope to come back to it again. 🙂

  1. i fell in love with the broken ones series!! i’m a super fan. i’ll start reading your other books too! keep up the good work! btw when is the 3rd book of the broken one going to be out? i’m reaally looking forward to it!

  2. I should know better than to begin a series that has yet been completed. It never fails that I get attached to the characters and miss them when they are not there. I began with Broken Aro for a light read. Halfway through I stopped to go ahead and order Broken Prince, not realizing that there would be more. I am glad to know there will be a third and thank goodness, a fourth). After reading the first two within four days…I’m completely Jonesing for the next book. Listen Jen, I realize that there’s this pesky thing called life but your fans need you…so get on it! 🙂

    Thank you for great characters and a nice break from reality.

  3. I just read all the Broken Ones books that are available. Only one complaint…I need the fourth book, NOW!! I’m totally in love with these characters and their stories. Please hurry. Can’t wait to share these books with friends. I enjoyed the Tales of Ever as well. Please keep writing. You have an amazing talent.

  4. Really need the fourth broken book ….please give estimate for completion! Thank you for writing such a wonderful series! Love everything about the characters and world!

  5. I had won a set of The Broken One series of three, I just got around to reading the first Broken Aro, Wow!! what an exciting story to say the least. I left a review on my little blog https://2read book.wordpress.com hope you like the review.

  6. I absolutely LOVE your books Jen!! I have now read the broken series 3 times already! Please, PLEASE release the 4th book! Its killing me not knowing whats going to happen!

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