Broken Kei is Coming Soon!

Hello, my friends!

Yes, you read that right! I have finished writing book 4 of The Broken Ones, Broken Kei! (Gasp, right?) I’ve even finished edits and it is currently out with proofreaders. The cover is in production. So far, things are going along smoothly (knocks wood). Currently release date is looking to be late July, early August.

To stay up to date you can follow my author facebook page, where I post about pretty much everything book related (and I post there first). I’ll also be having giveaways and other fun stuff in the upcoming weeks to promote the book! Click here to go to my page! If you aren’t much a fan of facebook, you can also join my mailing list. I’ll be sending out an email when the book is available on Amazon. I don’t spam. I almost never send out newsletters unless something major (like a new book release) is happening.

Back to work, if I don’t melt. We are currently under an insane heat wave and everyone is turning into gooey messes.

Thanks to everyone for their continued patience and support!

~Flings hugs and rainbow!~

5 thoughts on “Broken Kei is Coming Soon!

  1. Thank you for the update I’m so excited about the new release of book four. This is currently my favorite series!!! Do you have any plans to release the series on My husband only reads my books if I get them on audible and I really want him to read the series !!!!

      • Thank you for you super fast reply! I think you did an amazing job with the series and want to thank you for book four in advance!!!! Hope you have a fun “Independence Day !!!”😊

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